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Dressed in a white crisp shirt and a striped tie, VPOTUS thanked Secretary Kerry for his introduction. "Only a good friend could make that up," said VPOTUS.

He greeted Henry Kissinger, who is sitting in the room, and said; "I've been an admirer of yours...and I wonder whether you could have imagined being here today."

He said that he recalled coming back to the U.S. from China in 1979 and saying that "a rise in a peaceful China could be a positive development in the world."

He also said, "Then as now I recognize that our two countries have clear disagreements - [but that] both sides accept that we each gain more by working together."

He talked about their informal dinner last night and addressed Chinese guests at the lunch, saying: "we kept your president up late." He added: "We had very, very candid discussions." He said that as part of their discussions in Washington [we have] strengthened our mil-to-mil relationship," saying it was "deepened even further today."

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