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Okay, we were wheels up from the New Castle County Airport in Delaware at 7:55am, where it was awfully hazy. Wheels down at Pittsburgh International Airport at 8:36am. It's much sunnier, warmer and clearer here. 75 degrees, my weather app says. Forecast is today will be sunny and up to about 90.

VPOTUS Biden stayed in Air Force Two for a while after we landed, disembarking at 9:24am (and now wearing a pair of aviators) where he saluted and shook hands with Air Force Col. Gilbert Patton, and shook hands with Christina Cassotis, CEO of the Allegheny Airport Authority, who were waiting at the base of the stairs. VPOTUS got in his car at 9:25am.

Motorcade hit the road at 9:26am. Biden's expected to kick off the Labor Day parade with a speech around 9:30am, though at this point, we might be a little late.

Nothing much of note happened on the plane while we were all still on board (press/staff disembarked at 8:45am). Biden wandered into the front section to check on something with staff and take a few notes for a minute, just as flight attendants announced preparations for landing, but he never made it back to the press section. VPOTUS had apparently taken off his blazer for the flight though, letting your pooler note: the white, tieless collared shirt he is wearing is actually a polo shirt. Also interesting: Air Force Two served tater tots for breakfast. Along with other more traditionally breakfasty things, like a bagel sandwich, but there were tater tots.

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