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Subject: VPOTUS pool report 2

After his speech at Bucks County Community College, VPOTUS made a surprise stop at a Hillary Clinton campaign office on Main Street in Bristol, Penn. He thanked campaign staff and volunteers for their work in a key swing state.

"We win Bucks County, it's over," he said.

He made his way through the office, shaking hands and posing for pictures, and then gathered the campaign office staff for a 15 minute speech. He urged them not to wake up on Nov. 9 with the feeling they had not done enough.

"The only thing that I fear, the only concern that I have is that we don't go into this with an incredible amount of energy and a sense of urgency," he said.

Their work will get easier, according to VPOTUS.

"People have made up their minds about who Donald Trump is," he said.

Clinton, he said, needs their help making her case. VPOTUS described a recent speech where he choked up talking about the death of his son Beau.

"If she did the same thing, well, she's playing the woman card," he said.  "It's a different standard."

Many of the office workers were in their twenties. VPOTUS praised their political involvement and encouraged them to continue work in politics and policy.

"You guys are the most incredible generation," he said.

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