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Guatemala City, March 2nd 2015

After his initial remarks at the National Palace of Culture in Guatemala City within the framework of the Northern Triangle Alliance for Prosperity, US Vice-President, Joe Biden, along with the presidents of Guatemala (Otto Perez Molina), El Salvador (Salvador Sanchez Ceren) and Honduras (Juan Orlando Hernandez), went to Museo Ixchel to meet with representatives of the private sector to encourage them in an active involvement in the implementation of the Alliance.

“You have the key”, said the Vice-President to a room full of businessmen given the fact that the private sector plays an important role in attracting investment and improving the region's competitiveness.

Mr. Biden encouraged the private sector representatives to invest more in their respective countries in order to create the jobs needed to fulfill the need of those who migrate seeking for opportunities.

He also reminded the importance of the investments made by each countries private sector and the need to pay proper taxes:

“Right now your countries have among the lowest effective tax rates in the entire Western Hemisphere. The only way to collect funds necessary to invest in your future it´s to convince others to do the same, it´s to take action to collect and manage the revenues and make sure they’re managed effectively, efficiently and transparently so people know where the money is going”.

Mr. Biden mentioned the importance of creating jobs in the formal sector with good wages and secured futures.

“You need to make a compelling case for companies around the world to invest in your Central America and for patriotic Central Americans to invest at home not abroad.”

“It´s awful hard gentlemen to convince foreign companies to come to invest when your own companies don’t invest and they are investing abroad.”

The Vice-President also had some words for the immigrants that make the journey: Do you think it’s easy to go to a county that doesn’t want you? He asked.

He added that private sectors sometimes wins and sometimes loses because with more opportunities, maybe they can’t keep selling at the same prices they’re used to, but he stated that if you win and lose you end up winning.

Mr. Biden closed his remarks saying that “his country is ready to send experts to help… We don’t have all the answers but we can help,” he said.

“We can’t tell you what your priorities are, you need to figure that by yourself, and when you do, let us know because the United Sates will work with you if you’re willing to compromise”.

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