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Motorcade arrived at Miami Dade College at 2:20pm.

VPOTUS ‎entered a science lab classroom at 2:32pm. He was joined by Rep. Frederica Wilson‎.

One of the students tod him she was working on extracting some stuff and testing it otherwise. She asked him if he wanted to try. ‎"I'm going to watch," Mr. Biden told her. "I can see the press headline: Biden Screws Up Experiment."‎ (Ha)

He asked the students what they want to do with their education at Miami Dade, what their ultimate career goals.

"Remember me, doc," he said to one student who told him he wants to get a PhD. He said don't say "Joe who?" when he hears the name Joe Biden.

Mr. Biden spoke about the importance of higher education and the administration's efforts on Pell Grants and tax credits.

He went around the room and asked each student what they want to do. He told them his niece is applying to veterinarian school.

The VP mistook the professor for a student, asking him if he wanted to go into the medical field. The professor told him he's already employed. The VP said the mistake was a high compliment to the professor.

Mr. Biden asked them about internships. Pool couldn't hear the response. ‎As pool was being ushered out he said he had one last question before he had to leave: How many of you came from high school to Miami Dade College?

Pool left at 2:40pm.

Info from VP's office on the stop ‎is below.

On Background:

Prior to delivering remarks at Miami Dade College, the Vice President will tour a biotechnology laboratory in the school’s Science Complex. Miami Dade College received $10 million in grants from the U.S. Department of Education through its Hispanic Serving Institutions-STEM (HSI-STEM) program, which is designed to improve success among Hispanic students. Among other things, the grants have been used to purchase state of the art equipment for the school’s biotechnology lab, which students use as a part of their programs of study and for experimentation and research purposes. Miami Dade College’s STEM programs directly align with the recommendations of employers and other stakeholders regarding labor market needs for trained professionals in the sciences.

The tour will be an opportunity for the Vice President to see first-hand how students at Miami Dade College are benefiting from the federal investments, and also reiterate the importance of partnerships between community colleges and employers to help Americans obtain the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

Today’s visit builds on the Vice President’s ongoing work to support community colleges and make America’s training programs more effective. Last July, the Vice President conducted an across the board review of the country’s job training programs and issued a report on his findings which included a job-driven checklist that is guiding all federal workforce training investments. Miami Dade College’s employer-driven workforce training programs follow many of the recommendations made by the Vice President in his report, including creating strong employer partnerships and providing opportunities for on the job training.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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