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This pool report comes to you from atop a flatbed truck. No this is no F-150. Think the sort of thing you move sheep in. There has been one injury -- to a reporter's hand -- that will require stitches, according to the Veep's doc. Biden, walking behind the press truck, already joked "don't jump, just don't jump!"

But on to the parade.

Biden walked the parade route, starting at Liberty & 11th, ending at  Blvd of the Allies & Stanwix Street. He posed for dozens of selfies, shook tons of hands, kissed babies and at least one dog. AFL-CIO prez Richard Trumka, United Steelworkers head Leo Gerard, and Bobby "Mac" MacAuliffe, head of USW in Pennsylvania district 10, walked the route with Biden. At one point Biden walked holding the hand of MacAuliffe's grandson, DJ Conahan, 8, who looked a little bewildered.

Occasionally people shouted "Run, Joe Biden, run!" and "Run, Joe, run!" Biden would answer with a wave, a "hey guys," or a "how are you, man?" He did occasionally have to run to catch up with the pace of the slow parade, which prompted a few jokes. When asked whether Biden had hinted at all about running for the White House, Trumka said "no, but he was running, didn't you see?" (As in down the street.) Even Biden joked to one parade attendee he was jogging towards along the route that they were going to make him "run the whole way!" (Down the parade route.) MacAuliffe, when asked if he'd like to see Biden run, said "heck yeah...he's been good to us."

Biden went down the parade route for about a mile. Route started at Liberty & 11th, going southwest along Grant, and made a right turn on Boulevard of the Allies, then taking that to Stanwix Street. As he was going down Blvd of the Allies, Biden's entourage kind of got subsumed in the large gaggle of USW marchers that had been behind him, chanting "what do we want -- fair contract -- when do we want it -- now" --  and Biden was walking right in front of their group, right in front of a guy carrying a "Scabs Leave Scars" sign. Coming up on Market Street, they changed their cheer to a very loud "Run Joe Run, Run Joe Run" -- for about 20 seconds. VPOTUS didn't directly react.

At 11:43am, Biden got up on a covered podium of union leaders at the corner on Blvd of the Allies at Stanwix, grabbed a mike, leaned toward the crowd, and said "one word -- uuuuuunion." That inspired a few more secs of the "run Joe run" cheer. And a few wayward "give it a go, Joe" cheers.

Biden had started marching around 10:40am, shortly after that marching band they'd shushed reappeared, playing a very marching-bandy rendition of Tupac's California Love. (There is also a bagpipe band that, at the end of the parade route, graced us with a bagpipey rendition of the theme from Chariots of Fire.) Biden walked the route for just over an hour, in beating hot sun -- though a few city blocks were shady, from the tall buildings. It's presently 82 degrees in Pittsburgh.

VPOTUS is presently still glad-handing with union guys while press waits for security check outside the United Steelworkers headquarters building. Mercifully, it's shady here.

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