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AF2 was wheels down at Andrews at 2:54pm.

VPOTUS stepped off the plane at 3:11pm and boarded Marine 2.

He returned to Washington for "to attend briefings on national security issues at the White House," the VP's office said.

In a couple hours he's scheduled to fly to Atlanta. Pool is holding at Andrews.

Pool missed Rep. Debbie Wasswerman Schultz avail at the JCC in Davie because we had to load the motorcade so VP's office arranged for her to call the pool. Here's what she said about the meeting Mr. Biden held.

The goal was to make sure people got information they needed from a trusted ally of the Jewish community.

Some people there whose minds would never be changed. Couple others whose minds were changed. She didn't say who.

She said she's still undecided on whether to support the deal.

She said 2016 did not come up. She said there was no political discussion whatsoever. "I know the vice president is going through a decision-making process. ... But it didn't come up."

She would not answer questions about the debate schedule, even whether it is a relevant issue right now in the presidential process.

“At the end, people were gushing at the amount of time that he spent not only in his opening remarks. He went way, way, way over." Hs staff asked him two or three times to go. And he literally brushed them away and said this is more important. “People were really just so incredibly appreciative at the time, thoughtfullness and respect that he showed them.”

Carol Lee

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