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From: Lee, Carol
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Subject: VPOTUS pool report #4

"10,000 women" dinner hosted by Goldman Sachs and Huffington Post:

VPOTUS and Dr. Biden spoke around 8:15pm.

Dr. Biden spoke first.

She talked about a woman she met in Africa who had to ask he hisband's permission to work, at which point VPOTUS joked that's not how his marriage is.

She said her husband stands up when others sit down and that his heart is in everything he undertakes.

VPOTUS started with a JFK-esque quip: "I am Jill Biden's husband." He said "I realize I'm the only thing standing between you and dinner so I'll make this short." He spoke for about 20 minutes.

"You can tell when a man really respects you. It's intuitive." And it has to do with how a man was raised.

Said the brightest most accomplished people in his life have been women. He mentioned his mother, his wife, sister and granddaughter Naomi who was at the event. He noted Naomi recently got a 4.0 in international history. He called her "the love of my life" and confidently said she loves him more than anything in the world.

He said when Obama asked him to be his vice presidential running mate, VPOTUS said he didn't want the job. He said POTUS suggested Secretary of State, told him to talk to his wife about it. He did and Dr. Biden told him VP would be better for their family. He takes his grandkids with him on trips, except into war zones.

He talked about the importance of women being safe - in the workplace and physically. He said women perpetuate the stigma with sexual assault by asking victims who are their friends, daughters, sisters: why were you in a bar? What were you wearing? What did you say?

Said that culture has to change. Said it's never okay for a man to raise his hand at a woman unless it's in self defense.

He said he and POTUS have based the administration's foreign policy on how countries treat women.

Then he ended on a joking-maybe-not-joking note:
"The real reason I'm here is I've announced I'm not running for president and I'm doing a job interview with you. So I'm not qualified but I may be coming back to talk to you because I need to. I've never been gainfully employed before."

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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