Fw: VPOTUS Pool report #5b, 9/29/15 – Biden closing remarks at counter-ISIL summit

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Subject: VPOTUS Pool report #5b, 9/29/15 – Biden closing remarks at counter-ISIL summit

VPOTUS Pool report #5b, 9/29/15 – Biden closing remarks at counter-ISIL summit

Vice President Biden closed the leaders’ summit after about three hours and 15 minutes presiding, calling it “productive,” and thanking participants for their patience.

“This is about breaking an entire cycle of terrorism,” the vice president said.
“These are some of the toughest issues that we face in the international community today and they’re some of the most important to the future of the community.”

He ticked off the familiar measures of progress made against ISIS, saying that the United States-led coalition has retaken almost one third the territory they once held in Iraq and removed thousands of leaders from the battlefield, including senior .

“We also know that ISIL is a horrific and resilient enemy, and every day they unleash new depravities – torture, murder, rape and slavery. We will destroy this scourge, but we have to be honest and sober about how long this will take and how difficult it’s going to be.”

“We reaffirm our support for Prime Minister Abadi and the people of Iraq,” Biden said. He said the United States and other nations are doing more to stop foreign fighters from traveling to conflict zones, and more countries have updated their laws to allow them to successfully prosecuted fighters, as well as to identify and detain them. “We’ve still got more work to do, as we all know, though.”

“We’ve got to intercede before disenfranchised youth, young women and men start to believe the lies that terrorists groups are propagating.” The VP said the problem of violent extremism must be confronted from every angle.

“We have something that the terrorists don’t have -- we offer hope we offer a future defined by possibilities… They cannot succeed. They cannot succeed. No people will in fact chafe under their barbarism… The question is how rapidly we can move to keep many more people from being victimized by what is ultimately a failed ideology and a failed possibility.”

“May G-d bless you all and may G-d protect our troops in the fight against these barbarous terrorists.”

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