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Subject: VPOTUS pool report #7a

The DSCC fundraiser was closed press. VP aides had someone who was there read it out to the pool. Here's what that person said:

Mr. Biden was not asked about 2016 and therefore did not answer. About 40 people attended the dinner.

There was a photo line with donors and VPOTUS. Mr. Biden then spoke to the crowd for about 10 minutes, mostly about the 2016 Senate races and how important it is to elect a Democratically-controlled Senate. He had dinner, and when he opened it up to questions he had time for one. It was about the Iran agreement.

Hillary Clinton did not come up at all during his remarks but "He did say that Bernie Sanders was doing a great job exciting his crowds." Biden said specifically, "I’m not a populist like Bernie." He said that when talking about the Senate races and how important it was to get engaged in this election.

On Mr. Biden not being asked about 2016: "I know it’s hard to believe. He discussed the Iran issue at some length and then he had to leave."

Mr. Biden talked at length about why the deal had to get done, why it was a good deal, etc. It's fair to say there were a lot of Hillary supporters in the crowd.

“You can love Joe and you can love Hillary at the same time. And I think there were a lot of people in the room that felt that way."

Before Biden got there Senator Nelson talked about the 10 winnable seats in the Senate.

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