Fw: VPOTUS pool report #8 - including one addendum to report #6

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Subject: VPOTUS pool report #8 - including one addendum to report #6

At the end of pool report #6, right after a man in the audience yelled for Biden to "run for president!" And he responded that "I gotta talk to my wife about that," I left out a little of the quote for lack of fast enough fingers. To avoid confusion, here's the whole thing he said next, b/c context matters:

"In Delaware when you make people stand on a hard floor for more than 15 minutes, you lose their votes, and I don't want to lose your friendship."

(E.g., this speech has gone on too long.)

Wheels up from Pittsburgh at 2:12pm. Wheels down at Joint Base Andrews at 2:53pm. Biden got off the plane at 3:02pm, chatted with press off the record briefly outside the plane, got onto Marine Two at 3:05pm, and flew off into the sunset at 3:10pm. (Kidding, the sun is still high. And he was headed home to the Observatory.)

Uneventful flight, save for a little turbulence.

It's been a pleasure being your pooler, and thank you all for your patience -- it was my first time on one of these Air Force # planes. Questions, comments, suggestions? You can reach me at the contact info below.

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