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When asked by a pool reporter whether he has advice for the two candidates for the vice presidency - the men who will be debating tonight - Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said that he did. "Think about whether you made the right decision," he said. "Because it could be a long day in that office over there," he said, pointing out the window at the White House, "if you don't agree with the president."

He spoke about tonight's debate after addressing members of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force, an initiative that is dedicated to finding new cancer treatments. He was sitting at a round table in his ceremonial office, which is located on the second floor of the Eisenhower building. He described the participants in the moonshot initiative as the "brightest people in government". He said they were "working on an issue that's consequential...worldwide" and said that other countries "want to cooperate [with the initiative]."

"I've learned a great deal," he said, describing his work on the initiative and also spoke about the "hundreds of scientists" and others who are involved in the project. A couple dozen of these participants were siting at the table, including a woman who had a white binder with a children's stick drawing on it and a photo of a dark haired boy. (A list is the participants will follow).

Mr. Biden described how the task force members have been helping to "take care of so many people who are scarf to death and in trouble right now."

He said, "My sense is there's a new urgency out there....I hope I haven't raised expectations with my unbearable sense of urgency."
(His son Beau died of cancer).

Then he said, smiling, "I know I've been driving you crazy." People in the room laughed.

He also spoke about "a number of new initiatives" that he said were announced in June.  He added, "Some of the patients, you know, don't have a lot of time."

Then he spoke about the future of the initiative. "The bad news for you is Hillary's asked me to stay on to do this." He looked around the room and again people laughed. "I'm confident she's going to be the next president. That's an editorial comment."

He also spoke about the challenges of implementing laws that have been passed, describing his experiences with the Violence Against Women Act. In the government, he said, "The single hardest thing to do is implement." He said that when it came to the Violence Against Women Act, he found the implantation to be especially hard: "Implementing the recommendations was harder than the four years it took me to write the legislation." He said for that reason the day's meeting would be devoted to the implementation of the moonshot initiative. He added, "I'm capable of being a one-man wrecking crew."

Tara McKelvey
White House reporter, BBC News

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