Fw: VPOTUS Pool report - Philadelphia campaign stop

From: Edward-Isaac Dovere
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2016 1:25 PM
To: Bedingfield, Kate J. EOP/OVP; Lance, Kirsten E. EOP/OVP
Subject: VPOTUS Pool report - Philadelphia campaign stop

Vice President Joe Biden pulled into the Mayfair Diner in northeast Philadelphia just after 12 on Monday, bringing along Senate candidate Katie McGinty and trailed by Sen. Bob Casey.
The diner was only part full, but Biden stopped at every table and talked with every member of the staff, talking to each at length and posing for a variety of iPhone photos and selfies.
Immediately upon entering, he took a seat at one of the booths with three older women.
“Thanks for inviting me for breakfast,” he said. “It’s awful nice of you to do this.”
He pulled McGinty in to introduce her.
“I don’t mean to interrupt you,” he said. “Actually, I did.”

At the next table, Biden noted the similarities in appearance between McGinty, and his wife Dr. Jill Biden, who’ll be with him at the event he’s doing on community college tuition at the Community College in Philadelphia in the Spring Garden neighborhood.
“Every time I’m with Katie, I think, ‘Oh god, another Jill,” Biden said.

The third table was an elderly woman, her daughter and her grandson (the grandson was in from Battle Creek, Mich.). Biden spent most of his time talking with the older woman, whom he repeatedly referred to as “Mom.” She was wearing a necklace medallion of a saint, which Biden held in his hand and whispered with her about, saying something about his son.
Biden then introduced her to McGinty: “Now Mom, you got to help her out.”

At the third table, Biden sat for a long time with an elderly couple, talking with them first about where they and McGinty went to high school, and then getting into talking about food.
“My first trip to Iraq, in the middle of the war, I called the then-owner of Tastykake,” Biden said. “I took over pallets of Tasty Cakes and pretzels, because I was visiting the Delaware and Pennsylvania National Guard units. When those Tastykakes came off the truck… My son was there for a year in Baghdad, and he said, ‘Dad, you brought all these Tasty Cakes, that’s great!’”
“If you could have just airlifted some cheesesteaks to go with them!” McGinty said.
“When I was in law school, I’d drive back and forth from my home in Delaware to Syracuse Law School,” Biden continued, “and I would always bring back a really nice sub. Delaware makes good subs. I’d buy a ton of them, and they’d cost me $4.50 a piece, and I’d sell them for $10. I’m serious. They loved those subs.”

The fourth table was a shorter stop. The woman at the table there looked up at him nervously and said, “I’m petrified right now.” Biden tried to relax her, but to no avail. “I’ll never come here on my day off again,” she said.

Heading over to the other side of the diner—“I hope I don’t cost you any tips,” Biden said to the waitresses as he passed by, stopping for photos with them too—Biden was introduced to McGinty’s brother, John, who gave him a hug and then introduced him to his partner.
Biden referenced that they are two of 10 children.
“Look, the 10 of you should have been able to win this on your own,” he said with a laugh.
A minute later, he turned to one of the other waitresses and said, “Her brother and I have something in common—we both have sisters who are better looking and smarter than us.”

McGinty trailed just behind him, saying to one excited customer, “He came all the way from Washington just to tell you to vote for me.”

He sat with a table of a younger couple, asking them their heritage. McGinty sat in the booth with the man (who said he was Italian) and Biden said with the woman (who said she was Irish). They traded taking iPhone photos – “you get a picture with the Italian, I’ll get a picture with the Irish,” Biden said to McGinty.

Then he pressed them to vote for her.
“I hope you’ll look her over,” Biden said to them. “If you don’t, Bob Casey and I are going to come to your house.”

At the next table, an older couple sat with a mentally disabled younger woman. The older lady encouraged her to tell Biden that she’d voted for him. He kneeled, grasped both her hands in his, said “I love you.” Then he urged her to vote for McGinty, as he asked her if he could grab a french fry off her plate (he did).

The younger woman was wearing a blue Mickey Mouse T-shirt, prompting Biden to recall a favorite memory of his when his daughter got to hug Mickey Mouse at Disney World. He said he keeps a picture of that moment on his desk.

The man, whose name is Jeff, asked for an autograph—he doesn’t get to meet vice presidents that often he explained. Biden pulled out a piece of paper and wrote, “Thanks for taking the time,” with a less legible second line about voting for McGinty, and signed it.

At the end of the stop, your pooler asked Biden whom he voted for in the Delaware primary for president (he and his wife early voted on Friday).

Biden smiled.

“I voted,” he said. “I voted.”

He wouldn’t say any more than that.

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