Fw: VPOTUS travel pool report #1 -- Andrews departure.

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Subject: VPOTUS travel pool report #1 -- Andrews departure.

VPOTUS arrived at Andrews at 9:44 am eastern time this morning and quickly boarded AF2 for the flight up to NYC. we have several events today and I'll be your faithful print pooler.

Before boarding, VPOTUS took pictures with the family of a retiring Air Force pilot of Air Force 2, including two young kids and an infant, at the foot of the plane's steps. He gave the kids stuffed "champ" dogs, named after VPOTUS's own dog. At one point, VPOTUS signed a pice of paper by putting it on the father's back.

Here is background from the WH:

Lt Col Sean Adcock, departing C-32 pilot transferring from VPOTUS mission to POTUS mission at JBA
Courtney Adcock, wife
Penelope Adcock, daughter (6 months)
Milo Ward, stepson (9 years)
Weston Ward, stepson (11 years)

Service member information
Service History: 17.5 years active duty Air Force (plus 4 at US Air Force Academy)
Years at Andrews: 3.5 years    
About how many trips w/ the VP: over 20
Any other photos w/ the VP: Yes; an impromptu picture in Nashville with my father (July 2014)

We are rolling at 9:57 am.

Michael D. Shear
White House Correspondent
The New York Times

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