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08.24.16: VPotus Traveling Pool Report #4

As we drove into town we could see many many Turkish flags hanging from the buildings, one of the embassy staff said Turks generally show off a lot of flags but the number on display had doubled or even tripled since the coup attempt, she said one of the figures being bandied about was 40 million sold or given out since mid July, but that could be exaggerated.

Anyway, there were a lot

Vpotus met the Speaker of Parliament Ismail Kahraman privately, who then showed him the damage done to the parliament building by air strikes during the coup attempt.

The two walked out into a courtyard in the middle of the complex, all the windows had been blown out by the blast, broken glass, rubble and twisted frames littered the ground, the earth was churned up in parts.

One of the upper columns in the courtyard had buckled into a circle, exposing the wire bars which were covered in grey dust. Through that and other openings heavy damage in the upper floor was visible

Two massive Turkish flags hung beneath the buckled column and this is where the Speaker and Mr Biden stopped briefly

They then walked down the adjacent corridor where bare lightbulbs hung from ceilings that were cracked, with pieces of plaster missing, paused by a sweeping staircase that was closed off and strewn with small pieces of concrete.

They then went up an opposite staircase, VPotus often only barely visible amidst a surge of Turkish journalists and camera people. Travelling press lost sight of him briefly as he was shepherded through a heavily damaged area.

When he reappeared he was asked for his thoughts by the travelling press. He said: 'This is devastating, can you imagine if this happened at home? Can you imagine what the American public would be saying or doing?"

He said imagine if the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11 had made it to the US Capitol, "imagine what that would have meant, the psychological impact on the American people"

He then said something very similar to Turkish journalists through a translator.

He exited the building along a gauntlet of cameras, thanking the Speaker and other officials for their time. As he was saying good-bye at the car he was overheard saying to the speaker: 'spread the faith, spread democracy'


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