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First of all, the CNN Turk Tweet is confirmed: ‘US President (sic) Joe Biden during Ankara visit says ‘wish Gulen were in another country, not in US.’ He made the comment while in his meeting with the Speaker of Parliament. A US official commented, saying: as Biden he said in his statements with both PM Yildirim and President Erdogan, he has no vested interest in Gulen being in the United States


VPotus and President Erdogan met for around two and a half hours at the presidential palace, which also came under attack during the coup attempt. Journalists observed at least four bullet holes in the glass windows of a ground floor hall

During remarks after the meeting the Vice President Biden gave an even more fulsome expression of complete solidarity with Turkey than he’d done previously in the day. He again made a detailed explanation of America’s judicial process when it comes to extradition requests (twice) and said the US had no reason to want to harbor a terrorist. And he expanded on US support for the Turkish operation against ISIS in Jarablus

Mr Erdogan gave another account of the coup attempt in which he praised the heorism of his people protecting democracy. He said Fethulleh Gulen should be taken into pre trial detention and held in custody until the end of any trial, criticizing the fact that he’s still free to give interviews to the media. And he said he was preparing to give Mr Biden more documents about Fethulleh Gulen, showing how Turks feel about him

The press event took place at the end of a day that ran way over schedule. Mr Biden appeared weary, occasionally resting his face in his hand, and speaking deliberately and slowly. Mr Erdogan sat still and expressionless for most of Mr Biden’s remarks. Sometimes he nodded a bit or took notes on the papers containing his talking points (indicated in notes below)

I have sent two photos

Barbara Plett Usher



Started out by thanking him for his time and friendship, and his thoughtful consideration when Biden lost his son
I came for multiple reasons, most of all to express my personal condolences and those of my country for the brutal attack on Turkey
The attempted coup went to the heart of who you are as a people: principled, courageous and committed
For a people who struggled so long to establish true democracy this the ultimate affront, so my heart goes out to Turkish govt and people
Hard to imagine a fighter jet zeroing in on your parliament, or helicopters attacking a hotel where you and your family were 15 minutes earlier
Hard for US people to imagine a heli strafing the place where the president holidaying with family

(Erdogan nodding slightly and occasionally throughout)

I can understand how some of your countrymen feel the world didn’t respond to their existential crisis rapidly enough or with the appropriate amount of solidarity and empathy
That’s why I wanted to be personally here and was asked by the president to personally represent him to tell you and your colleagues and countrymen how very very sorry I am, the president and people are (for what happened)

I want to make it absolutely clear that the US supports people and govt of Turkey
This was an attack on the people of Turkey, a violent betrayal of small group of people who swore to defend
We stood with you when it began and stand with you now, we are your allies
Americans respond in awe of you responded to the coup attempt, going on the internet (I’m not sure which vehicle you used), with a cellphone, telling your people to rise up, take back the street

I personally, the president personally, the Amn people stand in awe of the courage of your people

And we understand the sensitivities you feel about national security
That’s why we’re doing everything we can to bring justice to those responsible for coup attempt while adhering to rule of law
Our experts are on the ground closely coordinating with Turkish counterparts to evaluate and gather material re extradition of Gulen
More lawyers working on this case than any I can remember, I can’t remember another case where as much time being spent to make sure we find enough data to meet the court standard
As powerful as my country is and as Barack Obama is as president he has not authority under our constitution to extradite anyone, only a federal court can do that. If a president would take this into his own hands he would be impeached for violating separation of powers
We have no reason to protect Gulen or anyone else who (may have done something wrong)
And remember when Gulen sought refuge he was denied, a court overruled the president

(Erdogan sometimes writing a few notes on his talking points sheets)

We stand with you, we stood with you in the beginning, Obama one of the first people to call, but I do apologize, I wish I could have been here earlier,


This is the VP’s 2nd visit this year
circs sadden me, wish I could have greeted him under normal circs
welcome him to our country
speaks about the failed coup: those traitors who are members of the FETO in armed forces uniform, they tried to topple the govt but couldn’t achieve their objectives, thanks to a very different resistance put forth by the people of our nation
heinous attempts repelled by people of my country that I’m extremely proud of
the coup plotters had F16s helicopters cannons
but in the hands of citizens, all they had were their flags, and with those flags they were marching towards the tanks, joining faith with hearts, and in 12 hours completely repelled coup
democracy could only survive if people embraced her fully, my people embraced her fully

our strategic partnership with US dates back a long way
transitioned from strategic partnership to a model partnership under Obama, and in that framework erected endeavors on different foundation, and on this current visit we discussed the failed coup  at every extent and VP saw repercussions
will submit to him additional docs after this meeting and he’ll be able to observe feelings of Turks on Gulen

we discussed measures determined to fight against FETO Terrorist org
first measure: extradition as soon as possible
there’s been reference to decisions by courts, we’ve submitted docs to actions before July 15
now amassing docs that show how they participated in failed coup
there is a bilateral extradition treaty, and those individuals should be taken into pre trial detention and stay in custody during trial
but this person (Gulen) is managing and directing Terrorist org where he lives, is present in more than 170 countries around the world …
many individuals taken into Pennsylvania premises where he resides
and he’s still giving intvws to media outlets
that’s why pretrial detention impt and feel I need to remind you of it
I’m confident the US will take right steps

Re Jarablus: 20 to 30 km from our border with Syria
Strategic province where attacks directed right on the Syrian border
Disturbed by attacks from that province in Syria
We felt not understood and decided to perform operation with aid of coalition forces. we entered the J province and the members of the FSA and the local J residents managed to liberate that entire province from Daesh
All the official HQ were immediately liberated from Daesh and it was forced to evict

Whether ISIS, PKK, FETO, all terrorists in our view
Al Nusrah, Al Shabab are Terrorist groups, all bad, can’t make distinctions
Terrorists will be terrorists at the end of the day whatever our mentalities
One Terrorst group fighting another Terorist org doesn’t wash hands of its threat

We believe the Syrians should be governed by a person they elect
Not an individual to whom the people say no
Syria led by Assad won’t embrace stability
He’s engaging in state T that resulted in death of 600,000 civilians
Assad is a tyrant and I know the US will become more sensitive to this and will provide the support needed on the field


Q: to Biden: what does participation in Jarablus mean for US
Q: to Erdogan: extradition process could take years, how affect relations

Biden: Re Jarablus: we strongly support what the Turkish military is doing, been flying air cover for them, have known for some time that Daesh is there and we believe very strongly that the Turkish border must be controlled by Turkey, there should be no occupation of that border by any group whatsoever, other than a whole united Syria, we have hope to continue to work with Turkey closely on continued ops that will root out Daesh, supported the operation

Erdogan: Daesh is a terrorist organization, shouldn’t be called Islamic, a member of the Islamic faith can’t engage in these carnage wouldn’t use 13 year old boys as suicide bombers and will pay a hefty price

Q: think the US admin lingering things, everything left in the hands of time, how long Gulen allowed to remain and voice threats?

Biden: It’s a simple proposition in America, nation of laws, bound by a constitution, sworn to uphold it; require for someone to be extradited that a court in the US has to conclude probable cause to extradite. Not only do we apply that standard as it relates to extradition but to everything we do in our country. For example the recent Terrorist attacks: one or two of the perpetrators followed by the FBI, had said he’d like to see Amns killed, proported to support Daesh, but under our law showed no direct threat to our people. We mean what we say when we apply the law without exception; have team and lawyers here etc saying give us the data we need in order to

We have zero interest in protecting someone who…our system is different than Turkey’s, but it’s our system and nothing will change that; how long it will take, will depend on how much evidence presented. Thus far no evidence presented about the coup. When you go to American court can’t go in and say this is a bad guy, have to say he committed a specific crime, so gathering with Turks evidence that would establish probable cause; we are determined to listen to every scrap of evidence that turkey can provide

Again, what poss motive could we have to harbor a terrorist?
We have no reason to shelter a strongman who would attack…and try to overthrow a democracy. We didn’t get on so well with your previous military states

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