Fw: VPotus Travel Pool Report #8, Latvia

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Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 18:15
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Subject: VPotus Travel Pool Report #8, Latvia

03.23.16; Biden Speech at Library

VPotus has arrived at the National Library of Latvia to give a speech on the occasion of Latvia’s independence anniversary: he began speaking at 18:10 local time. He tripped as he stepped onto the stage. That’s a graceful entrance, he said, getting a laugh from the audience of several hundred people, mostly community and local leaders

The speech is being streamed live on Whitehouse.gov

VPotus was introduced by the Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rink?vičs.
Mr Rinkevics said continued leadership of the US is critical for Baltic security and Latvia was highly grateful for it. He referred to a statement by President Obama, who said defense of Baltic cities such as Riga was as important as defense of European cities such as Berlin
We take heart from these words, said Mr Rinkevics

The foreign minister said risks remained, and meant there was a need to maintain a common ability to face threats of any kind
To the east, he said, we face a power prepared to redraw borders, referring to Russia without mentioning it by name
The Baltic response has been ever stronger determination to strengthen defense capability and increase defense spending, he said:  We are ready to pay the bill and pull our own weight

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