Fw: Wh foreign pool. Arrival in Paris.

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Subject: Wh foreign pool. Arrival in Paris.

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At 23 40 air force one landed.   President Obama arrived at Orly airport near Paris. Security was heavy, and Secret Service agents were on the ground inspecting all vehicles with the help of canine units.  President Obama did not speak to the pool on-site. He was welcomed by the Ambassador of the United States in France Jane Hartley  and  quickly went to his car, the Beast, which had been flown in especially for this trip.  The motorcade is now on its way to Paris, where it’s been a chilly winter. Most highways leading to the capital were blocked for the presidential delegations arriving tonight. In Paris, the streets were empty, like any normal Sunday evening. Most people were  this sunday night at home watching a special program on French public television about terrorism, from Osama Bin Laden to  those days.                                                                   Laura Haïm white house correspondent canal plus I tele . French cell 011 33 6 20 22 28 30 xxx@email.com

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