FW: WH Foreign Pool Report: Obama meeting with President Sirleaf, President Conde and President Koroma

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Subject: WH Foreign Pool Report: Obama meeting with President Sirleaf, President Conde and President Koroma

Pool led into Cabinet Room at 10:45 AM for spray at the top of POTUS meeting with Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Guinean President  Alpha Conde, and Sierra Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma

POTUS, at the center of the table, had President Sirleaf to his right and President Conde to his left, with President Koroma sitting on the right of President Sirleaf. President Obama spoke for nearly 4 minutes -- focusing on the improvement of the situation on the ebola front, and the response of the three countries (please check official transcript for accuracy).

"Under extroardinary circumstances the people of these three countries have shown great courage and resolve, (...) taking care of each other, especially children and orphans. The United States has been proud to lead international efforts to work with theses three countries"

POTUS also addressed the recent progress in the number of new cases in those three countries

"Last week there were fewer than 40 new cases, so we've seen major progress. Liberia right now there are zero cases. In Sierra Leone and Guinea combined there are fewer than 40 new cases last week". Now we are focused on the goal (...) and that is getting to zero". Obama added: 'The international community has to remain fully engaged (...) until there are no cases of ebola in those countries"

Obama was the only one to speak

Also spotted in the Cabinet Room:

Vice President Joe Biden

National Security Advisor Susan Rice

Guinean Ambassador to Washington Mamady Conde

US Ambassador to Monrovia Deborah Malac

Pool was led out of the room at 10:49 AM.

From the White House initial advisory:  "The President will discuss with his West African counterparts the progress made in the international Ebola response to-date. They also will review how the United States can continue to partner with the region to pursue our ultimate goal of getting to zero Ebola cases, turn our sights to long-term economic recovery, and establish capacity to prevent future outbreaks from becoming epidemics".

Stan de Saint Hippolyte
France 24 - Washington / White House correspondent


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