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Obama left the WH from the Oval Office at 12:23 pm and strode across
the lawn for Marine One, en route to Andrews Air Force Base and then
He waved to press and onlookers assembled on the driveway, saluted the
Marine at the door and climbed aboard.
Following him were Valerie Jarrett, Eric Schultz, Pete Souza,
Kristie Canegallo and Joe Paulsen.
Marine 1 was in the air by 12:28 pm

Obama will be meeting Dr. Jill Biden in Warren, Michigan.

Per the WH: While in Warren, the President will tour Michigan
Technical Education Center with Dr. Biden and deliver remarks
announcing new steps to expand apprenticeships and to continue to
build momentum nationwide to make community college free for
responsible students.

Lesley Clark
White House Correspondent
McClatchy Newspapers

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