Fw: WH in-town pool report 2 — en route to The Jefferson

From: Meredith Shiner [mailto:xxx@email.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2015 04:47 PM
To: Allen, Jessica L. EOP/WHO
Subject: WH in-town pool report 2 — en route to The Jefferson

Motorcade rolling to The Jefferson at 4:46 PM. Your pooler did not have a good angle with which to see POTUS entering the limo.

Once we arrive at the hotel, pool will be holding in vans while the president participates in a DNC "roundtable."

From a DNC official:

“On Tuesday, December 8th, President Obama will attend a DNC roundtable in Washington, DC with approximately 25 supporters contributing up to $33,400.”

We've been advised to expect a return to the WH around 5:40 PM.

In the absence of more colorful or useful information, here is a picture of the "snowman army" populating the South Lawn near where we waited to depart the WH and taken by the great Justin Sink, who is stuck with me in the van for the next hour or so: >https://twitter.com/justinsink/status/674337119243018240<

Sorry, Justin. But thank you for your contribution to the Internet.

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