FW: WH Pool 9/23 #2a: Colonnade walk/Oval

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Subject: WH Pool 9/23 #2a: Colonnade walk/Oval

Some more details on that very quick series of movements:

The president and pope walked very slowly and deliberately from the residence along the Colonnade, through sun and occasional shade of the Rose Garden-adjacent shrubbery. It appeared that the president was doing most of, if not all of the talking. At one point, as they grew nearer to the array of photographers positioned to capture the walk head-on, POTUS and His Holiness paused for a moment, and then eventually continued on, making the left turn to walk toward the Oval Office entrance.

The Vatican and White House press corps then quickly assembled to file in, in just as organized chaos as you'd expect from us. By the time your pooler entered the Oval, Pope Francis was seated to POTUS' right in the two chairs opposite the Resolute Desk, smiling for the cameras. Here POTUS remarked, I notice that the pool is better behaved than usual.

Over the sounds of camera shutters CBS' Bill Plante asked the two men what would be the most important issue they'd discuss. With no answer another reporter asked about a question about the Syrian migrant crisis.

POTUS only said: "Thank you everybody," signaling the end of our brief glimpse of the historic encounter. Your Catholic and Jesuit-educated pooler clocked it in at just under a full minute but it somehow felt much quicker.

I may tweet some photos at the account below, in addition to one distributed through WHCA channels.

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