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During a pool spray in the Oval Office at the top of the meeting had with Prime Minister Turnbull of Australia, POTUS did not respond to several shouted questions about the Supreme Court taking up his immigration actions. "Thank you everybody," he said several times as pool was escorted out.

POTUS was conducting a meeting with Prime Minister Turnbull of Australia, his first trip to Washington since assuming office. As they sat side by side in chairs -- a cup of tea next to POTUS, a glass of water next to Turnbull -- POTUS started off his remarks listing a variety of agenda items, including including cooperating in Iraq and Syria, the trade relationship, and the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

"There are very few countries that have as much in common as the United States and Australia does," POTUS said, recounting a past trip to Australia. "It's a little bit colder here than it was down under."

He mentioned troops from Australia working with the US, and touted the TPP. "It is going to be good for our economy, it is going to be good for our workers, and our businesses," POTUS said.

After several minutes, it was the Australian prime minister's turn.

"Barack, you've been very hospitable and generous," he said. "Your agencies have been very open. We've had very productive discussions." He recounted going to Arlington National Cemetery with Defense Secretary Ash Carter. He, too, touted the trade deal and the need for cooperation in fighting ISIS.

Turnbull also complimented POTUS on the Iran deal. "That is a formidable effort, a great example of leadership on the part of the United States," he said. "In that very difficult part of the world, which we'll discuss shortly and in much more detail, that is going to be a very important step forward in ensuring stability."

During the meeting, which featured a crush of US and Australian reporters, Secretary of State John Kerry stood quietly in the back of the room.

POTUS and the Australian prime minister were scheduled next to have a working lunch.

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