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Pool back in the vans at 4:40 pm and arrived back at WH at 4:46 after a picturesque visit to the Lincoln Memorial.

Obama and Abe took their time visiting Abe and chatting in front of first the Gettysburg Address on Lincoln's right and Lincoln's second inaugural address on his left.

They walked up the steps by themselves, stopping at the top to gaze back at the Washington Monument for the assembled cameras from both the WH and Japanese press.

Susan Rice was among those in the entourage inside the memorial.

After the tour, the two men walked together - alone - slowly down the steps, their silhouettes captured by he cameras.

They then briefly met with park rangers before the visit was over. Pool saw a handshake and smiles between Obama and Abe before having to sprint to the vans.

No remarks heard by pool.

- Steven T. Dennis
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