FW: WH pool report 3 - comments from Pres. George W. Bush, Justice Roberts

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Subject: WH pool report 3 - comments from Pres. George W. Bush, Justice Roberts

This museum opening event is heavy with presidents - Bill Clinton is also in the crowd.

President Bush comments follow:

"My first reaction is I hope all
our fellow citizens come to this place."

recounted that 15 years ago members from both political parties informed Bush they were about to introduce legislation to create the museum

"It would be fair to say the Congress and I did not always see eye to eye. If you know what I mean, Mr. President."

But in this case, Bush said he and his sometimes political opponents were in 100 percent agreement about the need for the museum.

"I'm pleased that it now stands where it always belonged -- on the National

said the museum shows a commitment to truth, "A great nation does not hide its history. It faces it flaws and corrects them. This museum tells the truth that a country founded on the promise of liberty held millions in chains."

said by staying true to our principles, righting injustice, we will be a greater nation for generations to come

Justice Roberts

recounted major Supreme Court decisions on racial justice and civil rights issues, Brown v. Board of Education etc., said those cases document shame and hope along the road to equal justice under the law

"This museum provides a place for us to learn what life was like for those brave individuals who brought those cases to court."

recounted a number of plaintiffs in famous cases, noted their courage

said anyone can read the court transcripts and decisions, but if you want to know what those cases were about you need to meet the people at their heart...

"And you can do that in this new museum."

Will Smith and Oprah just read a few lines of poetry, and now Patti LaBelle is singing "Change is Gonna to Come."

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