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WH Pool Report #3 (part I)

Georgetown University President
John J. DeGioia introduced POTUS.

Potus spoke on a panel at Gaston Hall in Georgetown University, which is a stunning auditorium with religious scenes and gold leaf painted on the walls.

Other panel members include Robert Putnam (Author "Our Kids")
Arthur Brooks (Prez of AEI)
EJ Dionne (WaPo columnist)

OBAMA (check quotes against transcript):
"I think we are at a moment in part of what happened in Baltimore and Ferguson and other places ... where it might be able to refocus attention on poverty."

"Part of the reason I thought this venue would be useful is that we have been stuck, I think for a long time, in a debate that creates a couple of straw men."

Obama says the "stereotype" on the left of people who want to throw money at poverty (paraphrasing here.)

Then you have "cold hearted capitalist types" who are reading "Ayn Ryan" (audience of mostly student laughs)

"We can do something about these issues. I think it is a mistake for us to suggest somehow that effort effort we make has failed and we are powerless to address poverty."

Points to statistics showing poverty has gone down in some places.

"One of the things I'm always concerned about is cynicism."

Obama says he walks around the South Lawn with his CoS, and they talk about "values" -- and tell each other they must "guard against cynicism" especially in "this town."

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