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WH Pool Report #3 (part III)

Georgetown University poverty forum. (Note on attendance -- 700 people are here from WH per Mary A. Haines
Deputy Director of Protocol & Events Georgetown University)

POTUS speaking again. He seems to be using the phrase "turbo charged" a lot.

Talks about how CEO pays has increased significantly. Mentions Ayn Rand for the second time.

POTUS turns to a comment that Dionne made earlier. The comment was that POTUS speaks differently when talking to a black audience than, say, an all female audience.

"If I'm giving a commencement with Morehouse, I will have a convo about men taking responsibilities as fathers," Obama says.

"I make no apology for that.
the reason is because I'm a black man who grew up without a father," Obama says.

"For me to have that conversation doesn't negate the need for early childhood programs" Obama says.

"I have a bunch of kids right now who are graduating and I want them to know they can have an impact," Obama says. Talks about his "My Brothers Keeper" program.

Says that when a young black person asks him about how he might forgive an absentee father .... "I'm not going to have a conversation with him about macro economics," Obama says.

"We are going to argue hard for those public investments. We're going to argue hard for early education," Obama says.

"I'm all for values, I'm all for character." ... "All of those things are shaped by what they see," Obama says.

"Some of those kids aren't going to get enough help with that," Obama says.

POTUS starts talking about closing the carried interest loophole. "I've been called Hitler for doing this," Obama says.

Obama says top 25 hedgefund managers make more money than all kindergarden teachers in the country.

"I'm not saying this because I dislike hedge fund managers or think they are evil," Obama says. "You pretty much have more than you'll ever use and your family will ever use."

Says closing the carried interest loophole could pay for early childhood education.

"If we can't ask for societies lottery winners for that modest contribution than really this conversation is all for show," Obama says (audience claps.)

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