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WH pool report #3 (part IV)
(Final chapter from the poverty forum.)

Q. Dionne asks POTUS about role for religious/faith communities in poverty.

"I think that faith based groups across the country and around the world understand the centrality and importance of this issue in an intimate way."

"They are embedded in communities," Obama says.

"When I think about my own Christian faith and my own obligations it is important for me to do what I can myself individually," Obama says. "But I also think it's important to have a voice in the larger debate and I think it would be powerful for our faith based organizations to speak out on this in a more forceful fashion."

"This may sound self-interested" ... POTUS notes that he disagrees with the evangelicals on some issues "there is great caring and great concern but when it comes to what are you really going after, what is the defining issues when you are talking in your congregations .... this is often viewed as a 'nice to have' relative to an issue like abortion."

"That's how it's perceived in our political circles," Obama said.

"I think people don't set out wanting to be selfish," Obama said.

"Nobody has said that better than Pope Francis who has been transformative through his sincerity and insistence that this is vital to who we are" Obama says

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