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Obama's opening remarks, which began at 5.10pm, will follow shortly. But first here's what he went on to say about Isil:

Wearing a suit and thin blue striped shirt and tie, with a glass of water near his right hand, POTUS sat opposite Defense Secretary Ash Carter and was surrounded by military commanders. He told reporters: "We are working to make sure that we are accelerating the campaign against Isil in Syria and Iraq. Isil continues to lose ground. Coalition forces recently severed the main highway between Isil strongholds of Raqqa, Syria, and Mosul, in Iraq, and we continue to take on their leadership, their financial networks, their infrastructure. We are going to squeeze them and we will defeat them.

"But as we've seen from Turkey to Belgium, Isil still has the ability to launch serious terrorist attacks. One of my main messages today is that destroying Isil continues to be my top priority and so we can no longer tolerate the kinds of positioning that is enabled by them having headquarters in Raqqa and in Mosul. We've got to keep on putting the pressure on them and obviously that is not just a military operation, it is an intelligence and diplomatic effort as well.

"And so one of the things we've talked about here is how we make sure we coordinate our military activities with the efforts of our other branches of government. This will continue to be a difficult fight but I'm absolutely confident that Isil will lose, we will prevail and once again this allows me to say thank you not only to these distinguished members of our armed forces, our core leadership that makes things happen day in day out, but it's also a good opportunity for me to say once again thank you to the incredible men and women in uniform and their families who carry such an enormous burden in order to keep us free and in order to keep us safe."

"All right? Thank you very much everybody."

A few questions were shouted, including about troop levels in Iraq and Syria, but the lights were dimmed and reporters ushered from the room. Joe Biden turned to Obama and said something with a mischievous look on his face.


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