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Subject: WH print pool report #1: Easter Egg Roll

POTUS and FLOTUS emerged from the WH at around 10:56 ET to kick off this year's Easter Egg Roll festivities.

POTUS introduced ID4GIRLS to sing the national anthem and said his daughters were not in attendance this year due to "school stuff going on today."

This year's EER is themed around the fifth anniversary of FLOTUS' "Let's Move" campaign. POTUS said this was a "particularly special' EER because of the birthday. He introduced the group Fifth Harmony to sing happy birthday "to the initiative" as one of the singers put it. Fifth Harmony brought a large balloon in the shape of a 5. They also brought a birthday cake.

See Fred Lucas' FLOTUS pool report for details on her remarks.

A few minutes after they first appeared on the White House balcony, POTUS was down on the lawn watching rollers roll. POTUS blew the whistle and a group of kids in their Easter finest rolled their eggs down the short track while their parents looked on. It was objectively adorable. Your pooler noted that POTUS took no selfies with any of the parents or rollers assembled that the pool saw. He appeared to turn down one request by stating that if he took one, he'd have to take one with everyone.

At 11:08 AM, POTUS was at the Storytime Stage, where he once again read Where The Wild Things are to a group of kids. A highlight was when a bee flew in, sending the kids into squealing and shrieking fits and leading the POTUS to try and refocus the crowd by highlighting the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem.

"Oh no, it's a bee!" POTUS said. "It's ok, bees are good. It's not going to land on you."

This rhetoric did not serve to abate the crisis facing POTUS, so he changes tactics. "If you're a Wild Thing, you can't be scared of bees," he said.

That — or the disappearance of the bee — calmed things down and POTUS finished the book.

At around 11.20, POTUS stopped off at the White House basketball court, half of which had been converted in to mini tennis courts for kids to learn about the game using oversized balls.

On the basketball court, POTUS played a few rounds of ball with a youth led by several players from the Washington Wizards. POTUS shot 2 for 5 in a game where he played on a team of kids and tried to help his team be the first to get to five points. POTUS claimed his team one the game three times in a row.

A ball very lightly hit POTUS in the face when he was standing under the basket catching rebounds and Wizards' Paul Pierce seemed to apologize for that.

In a second round of shooting (after the tennis described below) POTUS went zero for four while shooting with young woman in a "Muslim Girls Hoop Too" t-shirt.

In between shooting, Obama played tennis with several kids and two professional players. POTUS held his own, even impressing one of the professionals. Your pooler will send along the names and spellings of the professional athletes when he gets them.

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