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President Barack Obama started his remarks at 9:40 p.m. after a brief introduction by Peebles and a rousing, standing ovation marked by hundreds of people whipping out their phones for what assuredly will be terribly grainy photos and videos. (4,000 were expected at the event and I don't see many empty seats.)

Obama started off with some bragging — touting 13 million new jobs and 16 million more with health care coverage.

Obama also said, "Three years ago Republicans said they’d get the unemployment rate to 6 percent by 2017. It’s down to 5.1 right now. You didn’t hear much about that in the Republican debate..."

A mention of "Obamacare" brought extra applause. "It's working by the way, in case you needed to know," he deadpanned with a slight smile.

Please check quotes against transcript.

The larger focus of his remarks is women, and we'll have more on that and other observations to follow.

Here's another livestream of the event. (Thanks Niels).


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