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Obama's remarks concluded at 10:06 before he began extensive ropeline activities with the extremely enthusiastic crowd. POTUS and pool arrived back at the WH at 10:29 p.m. after the very brief ride from the convention center.

Hillary Rodham Clinton left shortly after the conclusion of his remarks and came right in front of our vantage point. She was gone before I snapped a pic, alas, but was wearing bright red with a big smile and trailing a crowd of people hoping for a selfie.

Obama's remarks targeted Fox News (see below) and the media generally on the issue of police violence.

But the focus of remarks by the president were on the importance of improving the lives of women, and particularly black women and girls, who he said are incarcerated at double the rates of white women and have higher rates of facing sexual assault, and suspension from school, among other issues.

He talked extensively about eliminating the pay gap. He alluded to his plans to put a woman on the $10 bill, but quipped "we gotta make sure they're getting $10 bills." (Note that many want him to upgrade the plans to putting a woman on the $20 instead.)

At one point he made a joke, deadpanning "I like tall women" to laughter.

At another, he name-checked Hillary, who was sitting in the front, for another.

"I want Michelle getting paid at some point," he said, before referencing Hillary.

"I know she can relate to Michelle when she says, 'how come you get paid and I don't.'"

The TV picture switched to Hillary's face with her big smile on.

Obama talked about closing economic gaps for "women of all races and black women in particular" and is pushing for more women in nontraditional careers including STEM fields.

He also appeared to break off his prepared remarks when he talked about raising the minimum wage, saying that women are "disproportionately not paid what they're worth."

He also talked about closing tax loopholes for the wealthy and expanding paid leave for more Americans.

No American, he said, "should have to choose between taking care of a sick child and losing their job."

He said it makes no sense to shut down the entire federal government in an effort to shut down access to Planned Parenthood.

Now, back to Fox.

"Somehow this never shows up on Fox News," Obama said, as he started several lines of remarks about police violence.

"They put their lives on the line for our safety......we love them...Officers show uncommon bravery in our communityes...they deserve our respect..."

"Somehow, this never gets on the TV," he said, noting that he's made similar remarks repeatedly.

"There is no contradiction between us caring about our law enforcement officers and also making sure our laws are applied fairly" he said, with extra emphasis and volume.

"Hope I'm making that clear"

Obama said the issue isn't new, but now people have video cameras and body cameras and social media, which have "opened our eyes to these incidents."

"We can't avoid these tough conversations altogether," he said.

Please check remarks against the transcript and have a great night.

-Steven T. Dennis
CQ Roll Call White House reporter

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