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In his second section of remarks here, responding to comments from a series of audience members including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, POTUS made following observations, including one curious aside at the top.

He noted how 30 years ago there tended to be two forms of economies in the hemisphere, a “statist” system and a free market. But today, POTUS said, everyone in the region has a “practical orientation.”

“Maybe not everybody, but almost everybody,” he said with a grin, generating laughs from the audience.

POTUS said that he believes the free market is the greatest wealth-generator and a “recipe for success” for other countries.” But there are times when government needs to play a role when the market isn’t meeting a need.

As an example, he cited education and the investments the U.S. makes in public schools. Cooperation with businesses can help make it stronger, he noted, using community college systems as an example. Finding out what kinds of skills workers in this generation need will ultimately help the economy.

“That’s the kind of collaboration that’s very important.”

The same is true of connectivity, and issue Zuckerberg had raised. “The Internet wouldn’t have been created without government investment.” But now you have to be working with the private sector in a way “that anticipates how rapidly things are changing.”

And on the issue of government regulations, POTUS said it’s not as simple as being for or against regulations, “but what regulations work today in a practical way to meet your goals, and are least disruptive but recognize that there are needs to be met.”

Session is still ongoing as of this sending.

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