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‎Panama Viejo, a UNESCO historic site, is classed up for the leaders dinner.

Men and women in historic, colonial-era costume lined red carpet leading to the outdoor dining area in a courtyard among the remains of the old city. ‎Candelabras line the edges of the courtyard and some of the historic structures lit with candles or spotlights.

Co-pooler Andrew Beatty, a good Irish lad fluent in Spanish, reports from his perch on the riser that POTUS is seated with President Varela. No other interactions seen from our vantage point before Varela offered a toast and the lights went down for a musical performance.

Pool relocating to press tent while performance continues. More tk

Menu, as translated from program:
-Salmon tartar and caviar with capers in soy ginger sauce.
-‎prawn parfait salad with microgreens and mandarins.
-Lemongrass sorbet
-Angus filet from Chiriqui with mushroom sauce, and reduction of garlic bernaise . Mashed potato with roasted grilled vegetables.
-chocolates from Bocas del Toro, served in a caramel mousse. Crumble of cashew fruit with coconut merengue
-Cafe Geisha

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