Fw: WH Travel Pool 4/10 #5: Locks tour

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Subject: WH Travel Pool 4/10 #5: Locks tour

‎POTUS spent some time inside the Miraflores Locks control tower, without pool presence.

After what was about 20 minutes after arrival, POTUS came out alone and walked along a narrow pedestrian walkway that spans the canal from control tower toward the waiting Beast, near where pool positioned. ‎He was walking south, Atlantic to his left, Pacific to his right.

POTUS had shades on, jacket thrown over his right shoulder. Offered only a "hi guys" with a smile. As he was halfway across the short canal overpass pool was urgently ushered to the vans.

Visitors center appeared empty during the presidential visit. Secret Service gun boats were positioned in the water a stage below the water level nearest to pool and that POTUS crossed.

At 10:16am motorcade again on the move.

Weather check: it's quite hot -- 88 degrees according to handy weather app -- humid, and partly cloudy.

Another note: Secret Service Director Joe Clancy appears to be part of our traveling party this morning. He was standing near motorcade as POTUS toured control center.

Mike Memoli
Los Angeles Times / Tribune Washington Bureau
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