Fw: WH Travel Pool 4/10 #7: Spray w/Panama president

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Subject: WH Travel Pool 4/10 #7: Spray w/Panama president

Note at the top: local security officials attempted to cut off access as some of the pool continued to file into conference room where POTUS and President Varela were making short statements after bilateral meeting.

Your pooler was among those who had to try and force my way in along with other print/wires. Thanks to wrangler for helping to literally pull me in and get the rest of the pool in.

As pool arrived, at approx 11:24am local, POTUS was speaking‎ with Varela to his left. Secretary Kerry and others in American delegation seated across from Panamanian counterparts.

Will send fuller remarks later.

POTUS called Panama a "proud democracy" and praised successful efforts to promote transparency and accountability. It's a "symbol of progress" that's been made throughout the hemisphere.

He said they'd had an excellent discussion about how to deepen U.S.-Panama ties. Then thanked Varela for the work that goes into hosting Summit of the Americas. He also thanked the Panamanian people, especially as they deal with traffic issues.

At this point we'd expected Varela to speak but he apparently had before full pool entered. POTUS did not address a shouted question as pool began to leave about his recent phone call with President Castro.

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