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Thanks to co-pooler Andrew Beatty of AFP who got in before the scuffle for offering additional POTUS quote from top of spray with Panama president:

He said he “had a chance earlier to visit the Panama Canal” said the “saw the extraordinary progress that is being made” the canal expansion project.

“It really a symbol of human ingenuity but also Panama’s central role in bridging two continents and bringing the hemisphere together”

Also fuller remarks from remainder of spray:

POTUS praised Panama for its literal role in bridging the two continents and bringing the hemishphere together.

"I congratulated the president not only on what I'm certain will be a successful summit but also the extraordinary progress that Panama has made economically, with transparency and accountability." The country has shown it is a "proud democracy. It's ability to engage in elections, peaceful transfers of power I think is a symbol of the progress that's been made throughout the hemisphere over the last several decades.

Said the U.S. and Panama are great partners on homeland security and the economy, educaiton. “And we had an excellent discusison about how to further depeen those ties.”

“We are very appreciative of the great friends we have in the Panamanian people,” he said.

"I want to thank the people of Panama, especially because I'm sure they're having trouble with the traffic while all of these leaders are here."

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