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POTUS stopped for a bite to eat at the Feed Store, one of his old
haunts as a state senator. It is a long rectangular restaurant with
floral pattern wallpaper.

POTUS was accompanied by longtime aides Valerie Jarrett and David
Axelrod, adding to the memory lane feeling.

Obama greeted customers and took selfies as he walked in. He stopped a
table with a young boy,  Grant Moser, 6, who was sitting in front of a
slice of cake.

"What kind of cake are you eating?" Obama asked. Grant's answer was inaudible.

"Having a good day?" He asked Grant's 9-year-old sister, Anna. "Looks
like it's going good so far."
Anna, 9

Ten minutes later, he emerged holding a white paper bag and greeted a
crowd. The Old State Capitol, where he declared his candidacy, loomed
in the background.

"I got the barley soup," he told the crowd lined up behind a rope.

David Axelrod sidled up to the pool, who had shivering hands, to
remark that today was "balmy" compared to 2007.

Obama stopped to embrace a former state senator, Dave Sullivan.

Motorcade is now moving toward the State Capitol for Obama's speech.

Mark Landler
NY Times

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