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All times are local
Motorcade left at 2, arrived at the community college at 2:27 pm

The Road out of the airport was lined w people waving and cheering,
esp near the Coca-Cola bottling plant.
The trip is Obama's second to Alabama this month and crowds appeared
happy to see him. Groups of people gathered along many streets on the
route, standing on the roof of a parking garage in downtown for a
glimpse of the motorcade and cheered, waved and shot photographs as it
went by.
By the college, signs urging pardons for former Alabama Gov Don
Siegelman + former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford were spotted. Both
are now imprisoned on corruption charges.
There were also a few "welcome president Obama " signs

Pool is holding for Obama round table and then remarks.

Lesley Clark
White House Correspondent
McClatchy Newspapers

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