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Subject: White house foreign pool diner in Paris L'Ambroisie

We arrived at the Place des Vosges at 8:05 pm. At L'Ambroisie, a famous French restaurant, the president was seated in a private dining room. The president was surrounded by the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, the U.S. Ambassador to France Jane Hartley and the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. The French president François Hollande and Secretary of State John Kerry were seated across the table from The President. Susan Rice National Security adviser was there .Also the former wife of the President and his current minister of  ecology Ségolène Royal. There were a number of other people that your pooler did not have time to identify. We were only able to stay for a few minutes. When your pooler asked the president what he would order, he said, smiling "I will follow the recommendation of the French Prresident." The French president didn't specify his recommendation We left and are now waiting in a Paris café

L’Ambroisie is located in Paris' historic Marais neighborhood. Perched on the oldest square in Paris, the Place des Vosges, L’Ambroisie is a gastronomic tour de force. This is not the first time the three-star Michelin restaurant has been known to host famous figures. Its client list includes former President Nicolas Sarkozy and former IMF director  Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

The restaurant’s menu combines classic cuisine with modern sophistication. Seasonal ingredients are given pride of place with truffle season drawing particularly rave reviews. Dishes range from Brittany-sourced scallops with truffles, broccoli and a parsley coulis to sea bass adorned with artichoke, dill, beurre blanc and Iranian Oscietra Gold caviar. Diners can expect to spend upwards of €400 on their evening at L’Ambroisie. As they savor their meal at one of the ten beautifully appointed tables, guests can admire Aubusson tapestries and the restaurant's elegant 18th century décor.

Laura HAIM

White House Correspondent




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