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Subject: WHITE HOUSE FOREIGN POOL President Obama with President European Council Donald Tusk

The pool in the Oval Office arrived at 3:08pm .The President looked at the reporters and said "everyone is set?" Please check the transcript but here

are the main points:

President Obama said

:"I have an outstanding experience working with

P resident Donald Tusk when he was Prime Minister of Poland and he continues to carry his values to the European community



According to the President, the main topic of the encounter is "Ukraine


President Obama reinforced the fact that "we have been able to maintain strong unity regarding the sanctions, the allies and we are grateful to Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande."
The President added, "unless we have strong monitoring this agreement (based on the Minsk agreement) will be meaningless."

President Obama also talked about "the situation in Greece and what can be done to boost up the economic growth."

The President also mentioned that the two leaders are going to speak about "the so called Islamic State,  the  situation in Libya and in Iraq, the need for us to be united and the need to prevent foreign fighters to leave

for Syria

or to come back in their countries from Syria... We have a busy agenda."

President Donald Tusk then spoke for several minutes in front of the pool and the


He emphasized the need of unity for Europe and the United States."The common denominator is the unity of Europe and The United States,"
According to President Tusk, "our enemies are trying to divide us and  use propaganda against us and commit acts of violence. The past has shown that if we are united we are able to succeed in the fight against terror


A little bit later, President Turk re-emphasized "his determination to maintain sanctions on Russia until the Minsk agreement is reached...."
He spoke about "brutal history and political faits accomplis". Note: Faits accomplis, means in French: something that has been done and cannot be changed

With determination, President Tusk looked at President Obama and said again : "Mister President we have to not only speak in one voice but also to act in unison because who we are tomorrow depends on what we do today" adding "it's time of unity. Unity for Europe and USA"

At the end of the speeches, the


resident allowed one journalist from the pool to ask a question about the Republicans' letter from Congress on Iran.
Please check the transcript for the answer.
Main point : President Obama said "it s' ironic... but I am confident


On the European side in the Oval Office were:
-EU Ambassador to the USA  His Excellence David O'Sullivan
-Piotr Seraphin, Head of Cabinet of President Tusk
-Riina Kionka, chief foreign policy and adviser of President Tusk.

When the pool was escorted we were able to see on the way out Secretary of State John  Kerry.

He gave a high five to National Security adviser Susan Rice but your pooler was unable to understand why.
In the meantime President Obama with a serious face began to speak with President Tusk.
On his table there was a cup of tea, while  President Tusk had a glass of water.

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