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As we waited for the President to make his remarks in the main conference room at Le Bourget, we also  before  listened to the statement read  in French by the Spokesman for the King of Morocco about how the Kingdom of Morocco is trying to fight climate change. The statement concluded  in Arabic with "Salaam alaikum. Our condolences to the French people from the Kingdom of Morocco."

Then The President arrived and in front of President Hollande and the UN Secretary General Ban-Kee-Moon on stage ,he began his 13-minute speech around 12.45 local time  by saying, "We salute the people of Paris after the attacks."

President Obama congratulated the French for their endurance.

Please check the transcript but here are the main points:
The President emphasized that here at this climate conference "this is the turning point. The moment we decide we will save our planet."

The President added, "We have the power to change things right now." The President reiterated that
he had seen "the effects of climate change in Alaska. And glaciers which are melting "

He repeated the word, "hope," several times and said, "The United States will reduce our emissions by 26-28%." Then the President said that "it's a long-term strategy" and asked" people to agree to a new system of transparency".

The President emphasized that this Paris conference has to send "a signal to the next generation because "the next generation is watching what we do."
And in this fight  to do something   " it' s not only the United States. But the responsibility of each of us to do something right now "

The President also quoted Martin Luther King, and added  "I want our actions to show what's happening." with the idea of "passing a better world on to our children and our grandchildren....   And words marked by progress instead of human suffering."

He concluded his remark  by  "Let's get to work."

Laura HAIM

White House Correspondent

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