Fw: White house foreign pool . The President with Bill Gates and the PM of India

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Subject: White house foreign pool . The President with Bill Gates and the PM of India

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At 5:03 pm, The President arrived at another conference center at Le Bourget dedicated to "mission innovation and accelerating the clean energy revolution." On stage there was the Prime Minister of India, Prime Minister Modi, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, the French President François Hollande and The President. Prime Minister Modi gave a six-minute speech in English, emphasizing how vital innovation is and saying that is why this summit is special. Prime Minister Modi said, "We need results and innovation to make energy cheaper and to translate that to the future generations. This is a global responsibility." Prime Minister Modi offered to create an "international network with 40 universities working on energy." At the end of his statement, Prime Minister Modi said, "We must restore the balance between economy and ecology." After his speech, the President of the United States was introduced by a voice over the loudspeaker, which said, "the President of the Republic of the United States." The President apologized "for being late but I promise you I am working." Then he said in a brief statement, "We cannot forge a climate agreement without taking into consideration the level of development."  No major announcement but please check the transcipt. In the room on the side Susan Rice security national adviser and on the exit we saw also Secretary of State John Kerry. We left quickly after the statement and are now on our way back to Paris.

Laura HAIM

White House Correspondent




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