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You will read in the transcript done by the President but here are the main points from the statement of The King of The Netherlands Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand in the Oval Office at 11.30 am:

His Majesty spoke in perfect English and began his remarks by expressing his "deepest sympathy to the people of Texas and Oklahoma where the floodings are terrible" .

With his wife, the Queen Maxima seated on the sofa watching him and the President, The King expressed also "his deepest sympathy to the Vice President Biden for the second big tragedy of his life."

"The main reason" for him to be in the United States is "to thank you Mr. President and your State for what you did 70 years ago.We are grateful since this moment."

With National security adviser Susan Rice in the back of the room and some dutch advisers, His Majesty told The President : "This morning  in Arlington  I spoke with some veterans and that was very very impressive." He added watching the President "thank you for liberating us."

The King also mentioned that "the United States and the Netherlands are standing together to fight ISIS. Shoulder by shoulder..." adding with a smile " a strong shoulder and a small shoulder."

At the end of his remarks the King concluded by "all the best of luck for the United States."

No questions were allowed and when some poolers tried to ask questions to the President about the Patriot Act or Fifa, Her Majesty  Queen Maxima with a beautiful small black hat on her head ( kind of beret)  had a huge smile watching us being escorted out.

The Royals were in the Oval Office along with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders and Herman Quarles  The Spokesman of his Majesty .

It is their  first official visit. This King has been on the throne since 2013 and members of the the Dutch press corps nicknamed him "The fresh King".

According to Ivo Fernhout, part of the media team in the Royal office, his Majesty "really wanted to thank the President and the American people for liberating the country seventy years ago."

After this  White House visit, his Majesty and the Queen are going this afternoon to the U.S. Congress to visit the office of House and Senate Majority Leaders Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell.

He is not addressing the U.S. Congress in an extraordinary session, it was the case with his mother Queen Beatrix and also his grandmother Queen Juliana in the 1950's. His majesty and the Queen are also going to Grand Rapids, Chicago, were they will probably meet with the mayor and visit the Medical University of the city.

Tonight, The King and his wife will also go to see a baseball game with the Toronto Blue Jays in the capital  Washington D.C.

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