Fw: White house foreign pool.The President with The Prime Minister of India

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Subject: White house foreign pool.The President with The Prime Minister of India

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The pool waited for 20 minutes before going inside the conference room at 3:40 pm. President Obama and the Prime Minister of India were seated at the end of a big conference table. Prior to entering the room, we were advised that no remarks would be made. However President Obama and Prime Minister Modi made brief remarks before the pool but took no questions. Please check the transcript once again. President Obama began by calling Prime Minister Modi" his friend "and by saying that he and Prime Minister Modi "agree on the climate about" an urgent threat." According to President Obama," Prime Minister Modi and India are interested in new technology and new energy sources". For President Obama, "Paris is a chance." He and Prime Minister Modi agreed "that Paris must recognize the need of countries like India to pursue growth." According to the President of the United States, India is also developing a new solar alliance and "solar energy is going to be all over the world." Prime Minister Modi spoke in Hindi and his remarks were subsequently interpreted by a woman in the back of the room. Again, please check the transcript because your pooler odes not speak hindi. Acording to the translator  Prime Minister Modi called " Obama his friend" twice and said, "I have such a deep relationship that we are able to openly discuss all issues." He said that he is happy to work "shoulder to shoulder with the United States." Then the Prime Minister said, "The international solar alliance is coming." He said that he "will speak about it in Paris with Secretary of State John Kerry and the French president". Prime Minister Modi said that "India is a very nature-loving country." He quoted "Mahatma Gandhi who, was the biggest protector of nature." He again reiterated the importance of "development and protection" and said that the "government has to work hand by hand." After the interpreter interpreted him into English, he spoke again in Hindi. We did not receive the translation because we were asked to leave but in his last one-minute statement in Hindi, we heard the Prime Minister say in English, "Strong message: Paris to protect planet."

Laura HAIM

White House Correspondent




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