FW: White House pool report 7/1 #2 -- quotes from Zika briefing

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Subject: White House pool report 7/1 #2 -- quotes from Zika briefing

Some highlights from POTUS' remarks below (check against official transcript):

"As all you of know, there has been an enormous spread of Zika through Latin America, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. We have not yet seen cases that were transmitted on the continental United States, but we do know that the mosquitos carrying the Zika virus exist on the continental United States."
"It is absolutely critical for the United States government working in concert with other governments in the hemisphere to be pushing hard right now to get this situation under control."

POTUS noted guidelines and travel precautions that has been issued by the government.

"This is actually something that we could reduce the risks if Congress does the right thing and allocates the dollars that are needed right now to get it done,"
"We feel fairly confident that we can develop a vaccine for Zika and that would help a whole lot of people and allow us to get out in front of this problem before it's in the continental United States, but that requires resources."
"The problem right now is the money is stuck in Congress and we have not seen the House and the Senate come together in a sensible to put forward the dollars that we have requested that have been budgeted to get the job done."
"I expect Congress to get this funding done before they leave for vacation, before they adjourn. That's part of their basic responsibility"
Noting "people trying to attach legislation on a bunch of unrelated topics to this funding," POTUS said, "It's been politics as usual rather than responding smartly to a very serious public health request."

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