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Obama spent about an hour with the families at Roseburg High School. After meeting with them he gave some brief remarks. He spoke softly and it was hard to hear him over the buzz of motors nearby. This is a very partial transcript.

He said the families wanted to communicate how much they appreciate the "help, thoughts and prayers" of the entire UCC community and the country."

He told Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, who appeared with him, that if there was anything he could do at the federal level to help he would do it.

"I've obviously got very strong feelings about this," he said, saying that at some point the nation would have to "come together" to figure out a way to prevent such tragedies from occurring with such regularity.

"We're going to have to come together as a country, but today is about the families," Obama said. He then placed his hand gently on the governor's back as they walked to his waiting limo.

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