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Subject: Booksellers Pool Report #5 - Sen. Nelson quotes

Here's what Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida said about his Zika funding letter that he sent today to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

I sent one to McConnell today saying that he doesn't have to reconvene the Senate. They have nine more pro forma sessions and the Senate rules allow by unanimous consent that you can bring up the ...[Senate bill], pass it by unanimous consent and send it down to the House, putting the pressure of the House for that.

But if they don't understand that this is now a crisis, with what has just happened in Miami, then they've got really - they are putting their heads in the sand.

I haven't gotten a response today.

Q: Are you optimistic?

Realistically, no, because wait until a mosquito bites one of the people who is traveling to Kentucky and then he gets a transmitted case in Kentucky, then we'll get action.


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