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Subject: Booksellers Pool Report #6 - final quotes

Here's the transcribed quotes from conversation I reported in the previous pool reports:

Amy Tan

I think that they have invited people who are Asian. I have been to Singapore and I think the prime minister is Chinese by ethnicity.

Q: Is this your first State Dinner?

No, I've been with the Obama Administration, I've been to probably five state dinners.

Q: Who are you wearing tonight?

Issey Miyake


Major Jeremy Haynes

I had been knocked down to the stages of infancy. Where my wife was my caregiver and had to provide for me, care for me, feed me, bathe me, basically I was starting over with life and she had to actually take care of me. So she put her entire life on hold from working on an MBA. She's in the reserves and so she put her entire personal military career on hold. Quit her job and focuses on me.

I wrote a letter asking that my wife get the opportunity to attend an event that Mrs. Obama was going to be hosting. I didn't know it was going to be the State Dinner.

So [it was all] about making my wife's dream come true and meeting her hero.

[Haynes is asked about the Khan controversy and he says he can't answer because he's active duty.]

Chelsea Haynes

It's just an amazing night to be here.


Chrisette Michele's performance list:


Blame it on me


*She said a fourth song, but it was sadly out of this print pooler's earshot.


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