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Buenos Aires pool report 3

The United States Second Lady Jill Biden visited the Instituto Nacional de Educaci?n Tecnologica (INET) in Buenos Aires City and toured the education training faculties with Soledad Acu?a, Minister of Education of the Buenos Aires City Government and INET Executive Director Gabriel S?nchez Zinny.

Following a meeting with Argentina's Vice President Juliana Awada in the morning, Dr. Biden arrived at INET and was welcomed by Acu?a and Zinny. She visited a classroom, where she talked with professors and students. Right after that, she gave a speech to an auditorium with about 500 people, including government officials, union leaders and representatives from social organizations.

"I'm proud to be part of an administration committed to investing in our students. We care deeply about community colleges," Dr. Biden said. "No matter in what country you live in, young people are trying to figure out where they fit in the competition of the global economy and leaders are trying to prepare them."

Dr. Biden described the functioning of community colleges in the US and highlighted their importance, claiming they are a "top priority" for President Obama. There are 12,000 community colleges in the US that serve 12 million students, preparing them in areas such as green technology, health care and teaching, she said.

Meanwhile, Acu?a said Argentina is facing a problem of "structural poverty" combined with a lack of education and unstable and bad-paid jobs. She said studying is now not enough to have a good job, claiming the labor market is "constantly changing."

"Education is a powerful tool to tackle inequality. Every day more and more young people can be left out of the labor market, no matter if they have a degree," Acu?a said. "Dr. Biden has carried out an important fight for women's rights and has highlighted the importance of education for women."

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